At the beginning, it looks cheaper. In the end, you may end up spending just as much as you would with ns2 and your pics look like everyone else’s.

Sure, the $70 sitting fee (with “take home” proofs) sounds REALLY good. The experience is OK although you can’t tell the difference between your parents pics and yours because they haven’t changed in more than 25 years. Then, things take a not so good turn when you’re being pressured into buying more. Soon, you and your parents are out of the door spending much more money and all you’ve got is a yearbook photo, a few prints, and senior pics you’re not excited about.

7 Reasons to Ditch the School Photographer for Your Senior Pics

  • Up to 15 poses
  • Limited number of proofs
  • Session already predesigned/determined. That dreaded drape and tux. YUCK!
  • Studio pictures only with stuffy posing
  • More than One Fee – Up to $70 session fee with nothing included. Pressure to spend WAY more later and the threat of your pictures being “destroyed” if you don’t order them then.
  • Mobile app? What’s that?
  • Boring cookie cutter products to choose from

Class Fourteen - Chelsea - Bolivar Central High School Class Fourteen - Chelsea - Bolivar Central High School

7 Reasons to Choose ns2 photography for Your Senior Pics

*Custom mobile app and proofing website available after purchase of additional prints and products from session.

Do something different.
Schedule your senior pictures with ns2.

Class Fourteen - Chelsea - Bolivar Central High School





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