studio memphis: Tabitha Miller

i hit the studio again. this time, the adventure featured the beautiful Tabitha Miller.

ns2photography-TM-1right after i photographed this super fun wedding in august, i was robbed. at gunpoint. yeah. it was quite an eventful trip back to the bay area. for a moment, i wasn’t sure if this whole photography thing was worth having my life threatened…by a 16 year old kid. thankfully, i snapped out of that pretty quickly and got myself, and my tools/equipment, together.

after a series of life’s happenings (me with my incident and her with the loss of her mother), me and my sistog Erica “Arekah the Goddess” Dunlap decided we were finally going to shoot together again after our amazing time almost a year ago. these images are the first set of portraits i’ve taken since i got my new body/camera. these are my first real adventure into fashion.

there was a moment that i deviated from our fashion theme and told Tabitha just to smile. this caught her off guard (in a good way) because most photographers ask her to be in model mode the entire time (which is is REALLY good at). the result is this picture of her (right). i LOVE this picture of her.

i am so grateful for Erica who connected me to Tabitha, offered me the space to do this shoot, and continually pushes me to constantly do my best, whatever it is. i am SO glad to have her here during this new journey in TN. watch out Memphis!!!! click here, and here for some of Erica’s images from the same day with Candice Rice.

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Nicka Smith is a professional photographer, speaker, and documentarian with more than 19 years of experience as a genealogist. She has extensive experience in African ancestored genealogy, reverse genealogy, and family reunion planning and execution. She is also an expert in genealogical research in the Northeastern Louisiana area, sharing genealogy with youth, documenting the ancestral journey, and employing the use of new technology in genealogy and family history research.


  1. TaSin Sabir
    November 26, 2013

    these are super awesome!! great lighting and color. The one where she is smiling is naturally wonderful.

    1. Nicka
      December 1, 2013

      Thanks TaSin! 🙂

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