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BlackProGen LIVE

Tuesdays and Wednesdays*
6:00PM Pacific  | 7:00 PM Mountain
8:00PM Central  | 9:00 PM Eastern

BlackProGen LIVE panelists: top row (l t r): Angela Walton-Raji, James Morgan, III, Linda Buggs-Simms, Alex Trapps-Chabala, Ellen Fernandez-Sacco; middle row (l t r): Toni Carrier, Shelley Murphy, Teresa Vega, Nicka Smith, True Lewis and Bernice Alexander Bennett; bottom (l t r): Felicia Addison, Willie Russell, IV, Renate Yarborough Sanders, and Tasia Cox.

Upcoming Events


December 2018

6:00pm Pacific 8:00pm Central
9:00pm Eastern


Telling My Story

Interview. I'll share how I discovered that James Alexander Ventress, the namesake of Ventress Hall on the University of Mississippi’s campus was also a slave owner and owned my family.


January 2019


Get set, GO! Planning and Executing a Successful Research Trip

Webinar. Online genealogy research can help you make great gains, but true power rests in taking it back old school – searching on-site! In this session, learn the benefits of local level research, how to become a rock star when preparing and to hit the ground running to maximize your efforts. 
Sponsored by Legacy Family Tree Webinars; membership required.


April 2019

1:00pm Central


The Family DNA Project

Meeting Location: Nashville, TN. Genetic genealogy truly bears fruit if multiple family members on multiple lines of the family have tested. Learn how to create and manage a project for your family while being mindful of privacy and sensitive issues that may arise. Sponsored by Afro American Historical and Genealogical Society of Nashville.


May 2019


2019 Genealogy Jamboree

Conference Location: Burbank, CA. Sessions: DNA and the Future of African American Genealogy; Be a Champion With On-Site Research; Saying Their Names: Systems to Track and Document Communities. Sponsored by the Southern California Genealogical Society. Registration required.


 July 9-11, 2019


MAAGI 2019

Institute Location: Fort Wayne, IN. Sessions: The Emotional Side of DNA, From Widows to Slavecestors to DNA, Using Canva for Publication Design, Publishing a Family Book, Finding Ike Rogers and other Cherokee Freedmen. Registration required.


August 2019

11:00am Pacific/12:00pm Mountain/1:00pm Central/2:00pm Eastern

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Case Studies in Gray: Identifying Shared Ancestries Through DNA and Genealogy

Webinar. You’ve identified a group shared DNA matches, but your stumped on how you’re all related. Learn how to let DNA take the lead in determining who and where to search to uncover the group’s most recent common ancestor. Sponsored by Legacy Family Tree Webinars.

Recent Events


October 2018

5:00pm Pacific/6:00pm Mountain/7:00pm Central/8:00pm Eastern

Photo by Trisha Downing on Unsplash

Full Circle: Tracing the Descendants of a Slaveholding Ancestor

Descendants of former slaveholders come from all walks of life. DNA and renewed interest in family history research continue to unearth this phenomena for thousands of people every day. In this session, learn how to confirm slaveholding ancestors and the tools needed to trace and identify living descendants of their formerly enslaved. Sponsored by the Georgia State Genealogical Society. This webinar was recorded but requires membership to the society for access.


October 2018

1:15pm onwards


36th Annual Family History Conference

October 12-13, 2018, LDS Church, 5200 South University Avenue, Chicago, IL 6061 Keynote: Held in the Balance: The Trask 250; No Stone Unturned, The Future of African American Genealogy, Finding John Lee. Event sponsored by the Afro-American Genealogical and Historical Society of Chicago.

Previously Recorded Webinars





Legacy Family Tree Webinars

Photography for Genealogy, Finding Isaac Rogers, Full Circle: Tracing the Descendants of a Slaveholding Ancestor, The Family DNA Project. Membership required in order to view.