why i vote – election 2008/2012 reflections

we’re two weeks out from the 2012 election in the u.s.  as the opinion polls circulate, the debates draw to a close, and voter ID laws continue to confuse us all, i was lead back to election 2008 basket.  yes, i have a basket. lol i collected magazines, newspapers, and anything i thought i’d want to remember the election by.  it’s not ordinary basket.  it’s one that was made especially for me by someone who helped secure my right to vote.  your right to vote.  really? yes.

killed by a bad street

as i mentioned in a previous post, my father’s family has always been a mystery.  considering that, think of my surprise when i recently saw this headline tied to my paternal side: “KILLED BY A BAD STREET. And the City May Be Asked to Pay Damages,” august 21, 1903, new orleans times-picayune. of course the title of this article sounds crazy, right?  i had never heard of anyone being killed by a street.  i’ve definitely heard of a car in a street or road killing someone, but never someone being killed by a street. yep.  i needed more investigation.

unearthing easter

growing up, i didn’t know much about my father’s side of the family.  i knew my grandparents and my only first cousin, but didn’t remember meeting or learning anything about anyone else.  this made things pretty hard when trying to conduct genealogy research.  additionally, everyone in my immediate paternal family died by the time i graduated college.