Season 4 (2018)

BlackProGen LIVE! Episode 67: Historically Black Schools, Colleges, and Universities

HBCU’s (historical black colleges and universities) have been the bedrock of the African American community since their inception. For that reason alone they are genealogical goldmines! In this episode, we’ll talk about how to uncover connections to these institutions, how to research your family members who attended them, and more! Special Guest: Dr. Lopez Matthews, Howard University.

BlackProGen LIVE! Episode 68: The Whos and the Whens

Play aunts and uncles, folks your grandmother was close to but you don’t know if they’re related or not, the business who everyone seemed to deal with. Researching the friends, associates, and neighbors in your family can be key in moving your research further. Tune in to learn about how identifying friends, associates, neighbors and the timelines in between can help you!

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