New Look, New Year: Announcing the BlackProGen LIVE 2018 Season!

Happy holidays geneabuds! A new season is upon us and the future is beaming!

2017 is wrapping up and of course that means the release of the much anticipated broadcast schedule for BlackProGen LIVE, a new, fresh take on family history and genealogy research techniques from and for people of color. It’s been a joy to host the show for the past three seasons and moving into 2018, we’ve got:

  • A new look and feel
  • More episodes
  • More guest panelists
  • More belly laughs
  • And LOTS more teaching and learning

BlackProGen LIVE is: top row (l t r): Angela Walton-Raji, James Morgan, III, Linda Buggs-Simms, Alex Trapps-Chabala, Ellen Fernandez-Sacco; middle row (l t r): Toni Carrier, Shelley Murphy, Teresa Vega, Nicka Sewell-Smith (host), True Lewis (co-host), and Bernice Alexander Bennett; bottom row (l t r): Felicia Addison, Willie Russell, IV, Renate Yarborough Sanders, and Tasia Cox.

We’ve been hard at work to make sure we offer the best topics and content when it comes to representing the people of color voice in genealogy and family history research. 2018 will be LIT! We’re so excited we even came up with a promo video!

Schedule as of December 12, 2017. Dates and times subject to change.

2018 BlackProGen LIVE Episodes

  • #50 – Ask Mariah: The Remix  (Our 50th Episode Party!) Can you believe we’ve already hit episode 50! To celebrate this milestone, and to kick off this year’s Black History Month series, join us for a full episode of Ask Mariah, where viewers get a chance to have their research questions answered LIVE!
  • #51 – Finding and Tracing Enslaved Ancestors Researching the formerly enslaved is not impossible, but can be challenging and take time. Learn the the nuts and bolts of researching this segment of our ancestors, the emotional aspects of the search, and how it can add breadth to your family history project. Special Guest: Chris Haley, Director, Study of the Legacy of Slavery in Maryland at Maryland State Archives.
  • #52 – Deconstructing the Freedmens BureauIt’s records go WAY beyond labor contracts and it wasn’t ever a bank. Discover the origins, history, and how to properly search for documents that makeup one of the most important record sets created during the reconstruction time period, The Bureau of Freedmen, Refugees, and Abandoned Lands.
  • #53 – RootsTech 2018 – It’s the largest genealogy conference in the world and we’re there! Get caught up on the sights, sounds, and more at this year’s RootsTech conference.
  • #54 – Beyond Percentages: Doing More With Your DNA Test ResultsDNA tests for genealogy are now part of the permanent landscape in family history research. Did you know you can get much more info than what’s on your fancy pie chart? Learn creative ways to find the previously unknown relations of your ancestors, how to confirm or deny oral history, and how we use the tools offered by DNA companies to expand our own research.
  • #57 – Staying In It: Historical Trauma & Self Care for Researchers There is no denying that the subject matter within the documents we encounter can be emotionally draining, yet without the information we would be at a standstill in our research efforts. We’ll discuss ways to maintain self-care when dealing with tough parts of our history that affected our ancestors. Special Guests: Dr. Rosalyn Newton and Julia Joy, The Healstorian,
  • #58 – Pa Not Pa: Dealing With New, Unsettling Info in DNA Research DNA for genealogy can provide some huge wins but also deliver unexpected news. In this episode, we’ll discuss the types of unsettling info one can encounter and ways to deal with potentially life changing information.
  • #61 – MAAGI 2018 It’s the premiere event to attend to become a master genealogist and family historian specializing in African American research. Check out why all the hype exists about the Midwest African American Genealogy Institute!
  • #62 – People of Color Research in Texas Learn tips, tricks, and more for researching your ancestors in the lone star state!
  • #63 – What About You?!? Documenting Your Own Story Researchers spend so much time on dead people that they often overlook the story brewing right before their eyes – THEIR OWN! In this episode, we’ll discuss how to dial back and learn how to document your story as you do so for your ancestors.
  • #67 – Historically Black Schools, Colleges, and Universities HBCU’s (historical black colleges and universities) have been the bedrock of the African American community since their inception. For that reason alone they are genealogical goldmines! In this episode, we’ll talk about how to uncover connections to these institutions, how to research your family members who attended them, and more. Special Guest: Dr. Lopez Matthews, Howard University.
  • #68 – The Whos and the Whens: Identifying Friends, Associates, Neighbors and the Timelines in Between Play aunts and uncles, folks your grandmother was close to but you don’t know if they’re related or not, the business who everyone seemed to deal with. Researching the friends, associates, and neighbors in your family can be key in moving your research further. Tune in to learn about how their genealogy can help you!

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