UPDATE: All Statewide Records (Land, Marriage and Civil) for Louisiana For the Last 30 Years

November 8, 2021: As of today, all 64 Louisiana Parishes are on the Louisiana Clerks Remote Access Authority. 

Y’all. Y’all. Like, y’all. I don’t know how I didn’t know about this. LOL!!! ESPECIALLY in light of the upcoming webinar for tonight, Reverse Genealogy, DNA, and Tracing the Living. But alas, we are here and I am giving you all the goods FIRST because you’re part of the C.R.E.W.

I just came across a resource for those researching in Louisiana. I’ve often complained that other states have amazing statewide record sets – that ARE NOT on Ancestry or FamilySearch – that are available to the general public with current information. I’m always saying that Louisiana and Mississippi are SO behind, but it looks like Louisiana got with the program about six years ago and OF COURSE we are all about to come up!

Louisiana Clerks Remote Access Authority (“LCRAA”) was created by the Louisiana Legislature at the request of the Louisiana Clerks of Court Association in 2014. LCRAA is a state entity authorized to design, construct, administer, and maintain a Statewide Portal of records maintained by parish Clerks of Court (“Participants”). The Statewide Portal provides secure remote access by Internet users to records maintained by Participants. The Statewide Portal debuted on November 9, 2015 with the Land Record (Mortgages and Conveyances) indices of 52 Participants allowing users to search records of multiple parishes simultaneously. By January of 2016, LCRAA included Land Record indices of 45 parishes through the Statewide Portal.”

Do y’all see what that says! It says that deeds (which include mortgages and land records) along with marriage records for the THE ENTIRE STATE are fed to the LCRAA website!

Unfortunately, records are not from the beginning of time – or in our case statehood – going forward. However, they are for THE LAST 30 YEARS.

As in from 1990 to PRESENT.

That means that if you are trying to track down living people, or folks who have been alive in the last 30 years, and they had business in the state of Louisiana, you can find them in this system.

Now, my favorite Clerk of Court ever had told me about this program because my home parish, East Carroll, secured a grant through it to digitize their current records, but I thought it was just a grant for use inside the clerks office, but NO! That ain’t it! I’m glad I was wrong. 

There is something to be found in this system! 

Again, don’t say I don’t ever tell y’all nothing FIRST!!!

More Details

  • Accounts and searches are FREE!!!
  • You won’t get links directly to the documents referenced BUT it will send you to the clerk’s website for contact info to get them or they are available for an additional fee through an online system.

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