Black History Month 2020!

For me, it’s Black History Month 24/7, 365 days a year. ✊🏾 Yet, in the U.S., we commemorate my every day holiday in February. Of course BPG had to go hard! We’re coming at you SIX TIMES during the month of February! And I’ll be doing two webinars to boot…so you’ll see me EIGHT times. 😎

Tuesday, February 4 at 8pm CentralTwitter Chat

#CrewChat Does TV: Roots (1977) – Follow us on Twitter:

What can you learn from the family story of Alex Haley that can be applied to your own family history research? Join us and see!

Wednesday, February 5, 8pm CentralBlackProGen LIVE

Episode 103 – Breaking Ancestral Narratives Free. Set your reminders, watch live, and catch the replay here:

Ever wanted to craft a narrative for your ancestors, but you weren’t sure where to start? In this episode, we’ll discuss how to use the facts you’ve gathered to create a narrative that can be used across all different types of media.

Tuesday, February 11 at 8pm CentralTwitter Chat

#CrewChat Does TV: Queen Sugar (OWN) – Follow us on Twitter –

The Bordelons are a family from Louisiana with strong roots tied to the sugar industry. Behind all the drama, highs, and lows, how can the story of Charli, Ralph Angel, Nova, Vi, give us tips and tricks to use in our own genealogy project? Join in and see!

Wednesday, February 12 at 8pm CentralBlackProGen LIVE

Episode 104 – Jumping the Broom: Researching Marriages and Unions. Set your reminders, watch live, and catch the replay here:

And the two souls become one! Marriage records are crucial when it comes to tracing family lines. Learn the history behind them, how to locate them, and how the information they hold can lead to more finds.

Tuesday, February 18 at 8pm CentralBlackProGen LIVE

Episode 105 – Tracing the Trade: Slavery in Louisiana and Mississippi. Set your reminders, watch live, and catch the replay here:

Louisiana and Mississippi were important locations when it comes to slavery within the United States and the migration of the enslaved from the upper south to the lower south. In this episode, learn the ins and outs of researching the slave trade in these two important locations.

Wednesday, February 19 at 1pm CentralWebinar

Newspapers for People of Color Genealogy Research. Register to watch free!

Newspapers can be a goldmine for genealogy, especially in the case of records destruction or when all other avenues have failed to yield findings on an ancestor. In this session, we’ll discuss all you need to know to get the most out of using periodicals as genealogical resources for people of color communities.

Friday, February 21 at 11am CentralWebinar

Figure It Out Fridays: Saying Their Names: Systems to Track and Document Communities.

Space limited, register here:

Community genealogy research is key when fleshing out the lives of our ancestors, but staying organized while doing it hasn’t always been easy since the folks involved may or may not be related by blood. In this session, learn about software, systems, and hacks you can use to bring the community story back to life.

Tuesday, February 25

Episode 106 – History: Unscripted with special guest, Regina Jackson

In this episode, we’ll tackle perception and the role it plays in how we learn and discuss history in America. Our special guest will be Regina Jackson, president and CEO of the East Oakland Youth Development Center.

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