Why I Still Love Hardcopy Books

I recently discovered this two volume set, The Moravian Springplace Mission to the Cherokees by Rowena McClinton on a trip to Salt Lake City. German missionaries kept a diary during their time in the Cherokee Nation, prior to removal/Trail of Tears, and those diaries have been translated into English and mention the enslaved on almost all 1,000 pages between the two books!

I only came across these because I looked around the Cherokee Nation section on the 3rd Floor (US books) in the FamilySearch Library in Salt Lake. I copied more than 100 pages of info on the slaveholding families connected to my ancestors by the time I left the library.

Upon review of what I copied, I decided to order a set for myself. This was worth the $80 I spent. They’re not digitized anywhere. Just look at how many times they talked about Grace (see the index image) and how they told her story of how she got there!

Tip of the day: Browse. Order the hardcopy. Review. Celebrate the findings.

Don’t mind me y’all. I’m over here salivating over all this amazing research.

*Dives head first into the pages* 😍

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