Isaac “Ike” Rogers, one of the newly introduced characters on the Paramount+ show, Lawmen: Bass Reeves, was a real person and my 2x great grandfather. He’s being awesomely portrayed by Justin Hurtt-Dunkley.

In the interest of sharing more about his story, and correcting the narrative about him that’s out there, here are some largely unknown facts about him. So, pull up a seat. It’s gonna get REAL interesting.

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Selected Documents

Isaac Rogers oath of office to become a U.S. Deputy Marshal for the Western District of Arkansas on October 2, 1892.
Ike took first took his first oath to be a marshal on October 4, 1892 at Fort Smith, took additional oaths in 1893 and 1895, working at least until a year before his murder in 1897. Source: National Archives and Records Administration
The Coffeyville Weekly Journal
Coffeyville, Kansas • Fri, Jan 11, 1895, Page 3.
The Coffeyville Daily Journal
Coffeyville, Kansas • Fri, Jan 28, 1895 Page 4.
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