BlackProGen LIVE: Case Studies in DNA

Wondering how you can get amazing results by combining genealogy with DNA? Listen in on some amazing stories and learn tips and tricks to break through the mysteries in your own family. Tune in to the February 22, 2017 episode of BlackProGen LIVE!

Boy did we have an awesome show this week! We talked shop regarding DNA and people of color genealogy and were joined by Shannon Christmas and Melvin Collier. Click here to watch the episode or view it below.

Panelists for this episode include:

  • Nicka Smith
  • True Lewis
  • Melvin Collier, special guest
  • Shannon Christmas, special guest
  • Shelley Murphy
  • James Morgan, III
  • Angela Walton-Raji
  • Bernice Bennett
  • Ellen Fernandez-Sacco
  • Alex Trapps-Chabala
  • Willie Russell, IV

We also had a great discussion during our Ask Mariah session regarding Thomas Hicks, a potential father of the submitter. Weigh in below with your comments!

Thanks so much for joining us for our 2017 Black History Month Series. Click here to view the four episodes we taped.

Our next episode is Social Media for People of Color Genealogy on Tuesday, March 7, 2017 at 6pm PST/8pm CST/9pm EST. We’re now back to Tuesday nights, so be sure to check out our schedule for upcoming episodes. Need reminders? Visit my YouTube page and click the “Set Reminder” button. 

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2 thoughts on “BlackProGen LIVE: Case Studies in DNA”

    1. Hi Terri! Thanks for commenting. You can begin by ordering a DNA test from one of the major DNA companies (AncestryDNA, 23andMe, Family Tree DNA). The usually cost about $99. They’ll send you a kit and then it will take 6-8 weeks to process. Once you get your results, let’s talk!

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