BlackProGen LIVE!: Inside My Research Process

60% of the researchers we polled have fallen asleep at the computer. Are you one of them? We discuss this and more on the January 11, 2017 episode of BlackProGen LIVE!

Happy new year! BlackProGen has wasted no time getting things kicked off for 2017. Just last night we had our first episode of 2017 entitled, Inside My Research Process. We discussed everything from our favorite web browsers and websites to how we document our findings and more. Click here to watch the episode or view it below.

Panelists for this episode include:

  • Nicka Smith
  • True Lewis
  • Shelley Murphy
  • James Morgan, III
  • Bernice Bennett
  • Toni Carrier
  • Tasia Cox
  • Angela Walton-Raji

Here are the results of some of the other poll questions we asked:

Be sure to tune in LIVE on Wednesday, January 25, 2017 at 6pm PST/8pm CST/9pm EST for our next episode, “Telling the Story Without Boring Your Family.”

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2 thoughts on “BlackProGen LIVE!: Inside My Research Process”

  1. Carmaleeta Newchurch

    Hi, I am so happy to discover your google hangout. I am doing a genealogy course and one of the assignments is to research offline. Before finding you, my opinion of this research is that it is only for white people because nothing is in the books about ‘Negroes’, or ‘Coloreds’, or ‘African Americans’. I had even found a book about my ancestors’ county and there was only one mention of a Black’s name in the whole entire book. And the book was suppose to cover up to 1960’s. But because of a youtube video discussion where offline research was being discussed by Black women I have been cured of my ignorance and now realize the importance of offline research. And I will be following you for eternity. Thank you.

    1. Thanks so much for writing Carmaleeta! I am ELATED that we were able to convince you that there are definitely records when it comes to offline research. I’m am so excited about what you’re going to find. Keep me posted!

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