Do you have USCT that were connected to Natchez?

“Local community leaders are making progress on the monument project to honor more than 3,000 African American men who served with the U.S. Colored Troops at Fort McPherson in Natchez, according to Chairman Robert Pernell of the Natchez U.S. Colored Troops Monument Committee.

The committee is currently seeking to identify the descendants of the Colored Troops who served in Natchez, as well as those who served in the Navy who were born in Natchez. These men served with six regiments, which included: Sixth U.S. C Heavy Artillery, 58th U.S. Colored Infantry, 70th U.S. Colored Infantry, 71st U.S. Colored Infantry, 63rd U.S. Colored Infantry and the 64th U.S. Colored Infantry.”

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