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Have you ever wanted to participate in shows like Finding Your Roots, or A New Leaf or Roots Less Traveled? Right now Ancestry is casting for a show, so if you’ve ever heard rumors about a story in your family tree, or wanted to go deep on a particular ancestor, you can apply by uploading a video in the link on this post. This is an amazing opportunity for people who are interested in family history but are at the beginning of their journey. So encourage friends, family, neighbors to apply for a chance to be on TV and learn more! https://ancestrysubmissions.com/stories

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  1. I am writing on behalf of my treasured friend. We, along with our dedicated search angel, are on a quest to determine the names of her birth parents and finally, after sixty years, establish her true identity. Judy Thornton Williams was raised by my aunt since she was a toddler, but never legally adopted. Mysteriously, my aunt took her from my now deceased cousin who claimed that she was given Judy by the biological mother. who was unable or unwilling to provide care. My aunt bestowed her marriage name, “Thornton”, on Judy and raised her as her own in Atlantic City. Our elders died, taking the answers, if they knew any, to the grave. All we were ever told was that Judy– not sure if that is her birth name since Judy has no birth certificate — was born in New York City to a Puerto Rican mother, known to drink heavily. Through recent DNA testing, we that her mother indeed is Hispanic. Her biological father, likely a Black man, has roots in Charleston, SC. After contacting numerous matches and exhaustive research, we are convinced that her father is a Pettigrew who transplanted from SC to NYC and likely was married when he met Judy’s mother. We strongly believe that we have located her father’s living sister and niece, but they are not responsive. Any assistance you can offer will be appreciated.

  2. My husband’s name is Steven RayCollins. His ancestors are from Tennessee and Kentucky. Its believed he has an ancestor named chief double head. We would love to know more of his family history. He is also a decent of the Blevins of Big South Forks in Tennessee. 8 believe there are still some homestead in the area.

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