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verizon’s how sweet the sound
event date: tuesday, october 4, 2011

location: oracle arena, 7000 coliseum way, oakland, california

how much?: $10 and $15

details: in 2009, three days after returning from our honeymoon, me and the hubs sang in front of a crowd of over 19,000 people at the oracle arena during the 2009 tour of this choir competition. it was an experience of a lifetime. granted, one of the things i remember most is that while we were on stage, we were singing into complete darkness. i couldn’t see anyone. lol

anyway, our choir, abundant life ministries voices of victory, was selected to compete in the small choir division this year. we are the only choir from oakland who is singing in the oakland competition. wierd, huh? regardless, any support, whether sung to in darkness or not, is appreciated. lol

third annual northern california family history expo

event dates: friday, october 7 and saturday, october 8, 2011

location: 2495 s. delaware street, san mateo, california

how much?: early bird $60, friday Only – $60, saturday Only – $60, at the door – $120

details: i’ve been asked to present a class on african american genealogy research which will take place on friday, october 7 at 4:50pm. the class i’m teaching is called “african american research: overcoming your brick walls.” i’ll be focusing on records and techniques that can help you get a better picture of your ancestors and family. i’m looking forward to sharing some of the things i’ve learned along the way with others.

black family history day, oakland, ca

event date: saturday, october 8, 2011

time: 2:00pm to 5:00pm

location: 4766 lincoln avenue, oakland, california

how much?: FREE

details: i have to say that i’m pretty excited about this event. why? because it’s servicing the community and that’s something that i love to do.

aagsnc had this event in february 2011 and more than 250 people showed up, so we’re planning to have just as many, if not more. and did i mention that it’s completely, one hundred percent free? yeah, pretty cool.

i am america exhibit, san francisco, ca

event dates: november 5, 2011 to february 2, 2011

location: san francisco main public library, 100 larkin street, san francisco, california

how much?: FREE

details: several months ago, kheven lagrone attended one of the aagsnc meetings to see if any us were interested in participating in a project where we’d talk about our ancestor’s contribution to america during reconstruction. at first, i thought i’d have one of the artists he commissioned render a piece on behalf of my great grandfather, louis balfour atlas. but then i thought, “why can’t i create something?” so, i’ll have a piece of art on display for three months in san francisco. it’s a pretty cool thing to check off on the “things that i never thought i’d do list.”

a genealogists and artists reception is scheduled for sunday, november 20, 2011 from 1pm to 2pm with a program that follows in the latino hispanic room.

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