It’s going DOWN in Kansas!

If you’re like me and have ties to the state of Kansas, we have recently hit the jackpot when it comes to records online. I recently discovered that there are City and County census records across the state spanning fro 1919 to 1961.

From the description:

“This collection contains various city and county census records and population schedules from Kansas. They include information about inhabitants of a town, enumeration of livestock, and agriculture. Prior to 1953 the population schedules list the address, name of the head of household, and the number of individuals living in the household. Beginning in 1953 the schedules list all the members of the household and their ages.

Be sure to examine the images of the original forms, which can provide details about crops, livestock, and other items.

Note: The entire collection is available to browse, though at this time the searchable index is complete only for the Cities portion of the collection. A partial index for the Counties portion is included and additional records will be added in future updates.”

So, y’all come and get this good researching because it’s going down!

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