Weigh in on NARA’s Strategic Plan

Here’s your chance to weigh in on what happens at the National Archives. They’re taking comments until September 13.

Of note:

“NARA’s draft Strategic Plan commits to new outreach to traditionally underserved communities and to work with these communities to identify the NARA records that are most important to them. Once identified, NARA will prioritize those records for archival processing, description, digitization, and online access. NARA is at the beginning of a process to build new relationships with underserved communities, and this draft plan reflects the agency’s intent to maintain and foster those relationships over time.”

“NARA has proposed agency-wide objectives to better understand customer needs and expectations and modernize services and communications channels. These objectives will drive cross-agency activities to provide a unified, responsive experience for customers across all NARA services lines.

The draft Strategic Plan challenges NARA programs and agency records management functions to continue modernization activities that were started during the COVID-19 pandemic. NARA recognizes that making more of its work processes electronic and online will allow the agency to fulfill more of its mission remotely, making the agency more resilient over time. NARA also commits to modernize its records management policies to keep pace with changes in how federal agencies create and manage a new generation of electronic records.”

What records do you think NARA should make a priority? Sound off below!

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