Things to Consider About the Genetic Detective and Genetic Genealogy Use in Law Enforcement

They don’t let the Genetic Detective be cross examined during the trial phase of cases. In fact, the prosecution cuts a deal with the defense to ensure this doesn’t happen. If the findings are iron clad, why is this? I know the answer. You should too. ‬

Also, the service they use to determine the family of the alleged perpetrators DOES NOT guarantee the results they provide. Why is this? I know the answer. You should too.

I’ll share these three blog posts because they show how they actually contact people and bring up many points that not a soul has been able to counter in the more than 3 years since I started writing about this stuff. I stood alone in my thoughts on this for years until GEDMatch began changing their terms of service like their underpants and allowing backdoor access to parties that they shouldn’t have.

You Want What? I’ll Pass.

Genealogists are super excited about how genealogy is now being used to catch criminals. But have we REALLY taken the time to look at all sides of this new and complex industry?

It Was Always More Than Just an Email

Aren’t folks making a big gamble if the service they’re using to identify criminals won’t even guarantee the info it provides?

Fat Meat is Indeed Greasy

A legislator in Maryland has responded to the use of commercial DNA results in criminal cases. And I’m here for it ALL day.

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