WATCH: #BlackProGen Finding Your Roots Season 3 Recap

On this Google+ Hangout, we discussed our key takeaways, issues with how slave era research was presented, and more.

The first of the 2016 Google+ Hangouts hosted by me and sponsored by #BlackProGen took place on Wednesday, January 27. Panelists were from California, Maryland, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Panelists during this session included:
Nicka Sewell-Smith –
True Lewis:
Angela Walton-Raji:
Shelley Murphy –
Ellen Fernandez-Sacco
James Morgan III
Renate Yarborough Sanders

Click this link to view a playlist of all #BlackProGen Hangouts.


  • What have been your favorite parts of the first set of episodes?
  • Where do you feel the editing or production made the research appear faulty?
  • Where could they have dug deeper or explored more in the final cut?
  • What are some of the takeaways or things you learned?

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