WATCH: DNA, Ethics, Publishing, and More!

On this Google+ Hangout, we discussed our key takeaways from the second set of episodes of Finding Your Roots, ethics in DNA research, the family archive and more!

The second of the 2016 Google+ Hangouts hosted by me and sponsored by #BlackProGen took place on Wednesday, February 24. Panelists were from California, Maryland, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Panelists during this session included:
Nicka Sewell-Smith –
True Lewis:
Angela Walton-Raji:
Shelley Murphy –

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  • DNA research was a highlight of the episode 7 featuring LL Cool J. Have you encountered a situation similar situation? How have you seen it handled? Along the same lines, what are some of the emotional sides of DNA testing that you feel are rarely talked about?
  • Let’s discuss how you can narrow down your DNA results to make new discoveries in your family history research. What tools do you feel are “must haves” in this arena?
  • Share your thoughts on the Native American database of Dr. Carlos Bustamente. Will it be good or bad for genealogy and DNA?
  • There were several documents presented, such as the telegram to Gloria Steinem, that could have only been provided by her and her family, but were crucial pieces of her family story. Why is searching your home and the homes of relatives important in to obtain these types of things?
  • Social media is filled with everyday people asking Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and his staff at Finding Your Roots to create a Book of Life for them. We know that anyone can do this for themselves. How can you create it for yourself?

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