After I Do: Contemporary Pics for Married Folk

after i do – contemporary pics for married folk {west tennessee photographer}

don’t let bad wedding pictures have the last word.

After I Do: Contemporary Pics for Married Folk

when the topic of weddings comes up, most married women usually chime in about the pluses and deltas about their own experience.  it’s almost guaranteed that one of the first things that comes out of their mouth is about whether they love or completely dislike the pictures taken that day.

let’s put an end to all the woulda, coulda, and shouldas. why not start a revolution of do-overs? i mean, how many times do you see couples actually get together to take formal portraits on their anniversary? or perhaps to commemorate a milestone in their relationship? why not?!?

introducing After I Do, Contemporary Pics for Married Folk.

buy a new dress, get a new suit, and let’s do it all again.

sessions start at $250 and include the following:

  • complimentary pre-session consultation
  • up to 60 minute photo session
  • moderate retouching
  • post-session in-person ordering
  • prints (4-5x7s and 2-8x10s) (must pay for shipping)
  • 2 digital files (.jpgs) for personal use
  • private/secure online proofing gallery to share with family, friends, and/or to share on social media*

additional prints, products, and digital files (.jpgs), and services will incur a additional fee.
*private/secure online proofing site available after purchase of additional prints and products from session.

place a nonrefundable retainer of $125 to end the misery each time you open your wedding album or to liven up your home just a bit with a visual display of the love you share.

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