welcome, feature photography – my trip to cameroon

i am literally hours back in the u.s. after 10 days abroad.  i was part of a delegation of 87 americans who traveled to cameroon as part of the ancestry reconnection program.  the majority of us have dna that is traced back to a tribe in cameroon.  this information was discovered using dna tests from african ancestry, a washington, dc based company.  the 2011 trip was the second of it’s kind offered by ark jammers, a collective of musicians and artists who promote random acts of kindness.


i blogged for the duration of the trip via blog.atlasfamily.org  eventually, i’ll be posting more about the trip there and here.  here are a few of my favorite pictures from the trip. to see more photos, please visit ns2 photography on facebook.

2 thoughts on “welcome, feature photography – my trip to cameroon”

  1. Nicka,

    God has given you many gifts. Your talent will become more appreciated as time passes because your eye captures the soul and essence of your subjects.

    God’s continued blessings and favor on your life’s work.

    Minister Kathy Kemp

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