Nicka Smith - Me to the Power of 1 Genealogy Shirt

where’d you get that shirt? – {genealogy t-shirts}

during my last series of speaking engagements, i’ve been wearing a t-shirt i designed some months ago.  many people have been asking me where i got it and when i said that i made it myself, the first question they had was “where can i get one?” lol then, after i posted the picture to the left on my personal facebook page, many friends asked for the link to buy a shirt and even shared the link.  i promised to blog about them again so folks knew where they could get one if they visited this site.

currently, the me to the power of 1 t-shirt comes in three print designs  (black, white, and blue), a large assortment of american appareal t-shirt colors, and is priced at just under $25. i’d suggest ordering a size up from what you normally order to ensure size, but the cool thing about redbubble is that if it doesn’t fit, they’ll send you another one and let you keep the one that doesn’t fit too!

i get a ton of compliments when i wear the one pictured at left and also another one in the blue print design printed on a green t-shirt.

i recently got a creative spurt and have a lot of ideas for new shirts, so stay tuned to this blog and my redbubble page for more!

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