why quality custom photography and makeup matter – {celebrity for the day}

on sat. october 27, 2012, me and my buddy/soror/good friend latoya anthony are having our first ever celebrity for the day glam sessions event.  this is a once a year event that we’re holding where we cut the price of the celebrity for the day session to only $100. these individual sessions can be used for updating a social networking profile picture, getting new headshots, for glamour photography, boudoir, or just because.

Celebrity for the Day - ns2 photography and exclusive hair makeup (e.h.m.)what exactly do you get for the $100 fee?

* professional makeup from Makeup Your Mind Hair and Makeup Professionals (30 minutes)
* professional photography session from ns2 photography (30 minutes)
* moderate retouching
* private/secure online proofing gallery
* options for prints (starting at just $10 each, wall portraits (11×14) start at $100) and digital files (starting at $70 each)
* the ability to change your order at any time

for some folks, $100 is a little steep.  i’ve heard many times “can’t i go somewhere else and get what you offer cheaper?” that appears true at the onset, but when you really delve down and price everything out, what we’re offering is a steal, even at the regular rate.

major national photography studios offer a similar product.  they get you in the door for $39.95 which includes:

  • makeover (hair and makeup)
  • 3 wardrobe changes
  • 60 “poses” – this can be one pose but processed three different ways (color, sepia, black and white) which would count for three of those 60 poses. so, if every shot is processed three ways, you are only truly getting 20 options for photos.

ns2 photography - celebrity for the dayhere’s what’s additional:

  • no online ordering, period
  • prints start at $39 unretouched and are $69 retouched
  • digital files are $140 each
  • a 30%-60% of price breaks or packages before you leave their studio only
  • wall portraits (starting at 10×13) are $140 and up
  • orders cannot be changed once they are submitted

on average, the amount savings between a celebrity for the day session versus a session with a major studio is at least $100 AFTER ordering prints and products.  in addition to the great product we provide, you also get a custom photography experience.  we aren’t going to put you in a feather boa, and have you posing in a way that doesn’t reflect who you truly are.  we wouldn’t do that to ourselves, so why would we do that to you?

in the end, it’s all individual choice.

but if i can help you decide, i’ll add an additional thought.  let’s fast forward 20 years from now.  would you want to see photos from a session that looks like your cousin in a completely different state had the same photographer, poses, and setup?, or, would you rather look like you, exactly how you are, where you are in life right now, and remember it, with a big smile?  i’m pretty sure you’d want the latter.   book your session by october 13, 2012. 🙂

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