Keyon Crisp, Bolivar Central High School

a homecoming story – bolivar central 57, mcnairy central 49

the story of an underdog team and their road to victory.

over the past couple years, i’ve been able to experience the ups, downs, highs, and lows of the high school football season care of the hubs as a coach. last year, we spent our season with the hayward high farmers and this season, we’re back home with the hubs alma mater, bolivar central.

i sort of knew he did pretty good there as a player, but things changed when we moved and all the articles and accolades started resurfacing. this dude was on the cover of a football preview for the jackson sun with Steve McNair (who was with the Houston Oilers at the time) and Peyton Manning (who was at Tennessee). he was in high school. um, i was a yearbook editor? lol played a lil softball? how ’bout being a captain on the cheer squad? lol

anywho, my lens called me to document at least a few of his first games back at central. homecoming was a great fit. from the coaches painting the field the night before, to the pep rally, the parade through town, and the game later than night, it was a mix of school spirit, mardi gras, candy overload, and the need for a pacemaker with all the action at the game. despite the fact that i missed the crowning of the queen (they did it before the game…my school did it during…who knew?), i thought for sure there would be some area media there to cover it, but they weren’t there. Runningback keyon crisp had 60 yards receiving, more than 340 yards rushing, and is definitely a huge standout in the state, but nobody was there. maybe it’s because central may not draw the headlines that it use to? regardless, there are a number of standout players who could see some action in college. (i sure hope they do) but, what do i know? i’m just an HUGE saints fan. lol

without further ado…here’s my coverage, through photos…i’d love to hear your what you think. leave me a comment below. share away and let me know if you’re interested in any of these images. 🙂

special thanks to head coach mr. keith perry, coaches messrs. bo hazelwood, jordan cernek, hugh owens, and chris smith, ms. tina plunk, and a special huge hug and kudos to the hubs, coach rashad smith. 🙂

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