make a joyful noise – Charmaine Tyrelle {Memphis Headshot Photographer}

sing. dance. pose.  then, do it all over again with gospel artist, Chamaine Tyrelle.

i have a confession to make.  it’s all my friend Erica’s fault.  i’ve fallen in love with the studio…and…i just can’t stop shooting there.

my journey to the studio was almost accidental.  like a lot of newer ‘togs, i started off doing natural light only, but through the years, i’ve slowly amassed some studio components…a light kit…reflector…flash.  i’ve played around in there a few times (check out what i did here and here). then, i messed around and bought a stand and some backdrops.  *cues curtains*  lol

i placed a call to Charmaine Tyrelle, an up and coming gospel artist based in Memphis to see if he’d love to be my muze for the day.  amongst the music, which included many repeats of the song “Calls” by Robert Glasper featuring  Jill Scott, laughs, and just a great time, we were able to create magic together. i can’t wait to do this again. actually, i’m already plotting my next shoot.

“moving forward is moving on…”

thanks so much Charmaine!  please be sure leave your comment love for the images we created together below. 😉

2 thoughts on “make a joyful noise – Charmaine Tyrelle {Memphis Headshot Photographer}”

  1. OMG your work is gorgeous!!!! I was looking at my friend Charmaine photos and they are awesomely creative!!!! Do you come to Corinth, ms?? lol!! I would love to get a session!

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