xx marks the spot {bay area photographer}

i love my clients.  no really, i do.  i love being able to document them.  yes, one could call it “taking their pictures,” but to me, it’s about leaving something behind so that they and their families have something to remember or reflect with.
i have to say that this session just blew my mind.  i have shot b on several occasions, but this time, it was just different.  i’m not quite sure how to describe it.  it was definitely a combination of the location, the fabulous clothes, and most of all, the fabulous subjects.  the light was like “please photograph me on them today.” lol

man, it’s totally obvious that we need to do this again.  there were so many good ones!!!!  it was hard picking which ones to post.  but alas, for your viewing pleasure…i present the fierce and beautiful, b and f 🙂 for more photos,  please visit my facebook page.

[fbphotos id=10150692903420939]

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