NEW Feed, NEW Segments for BlackProGen LIVE!

We’re a talented group and we’ve got some amazing new things on the horizon!

Since 2013, BlackProGen has been a force to be reckoned with. We are continually bringing a new, fresh perspective in the world of family history and genealogy whether we’re presenting at conferences or online, through the content we create through various channels such as blogs, podcasts, radio shows, or live online shows or even when we’re tweeting.

I’m excited to announce some new things on the horizon for our awesome group.

We’re now on Twitter!

It was a long time coming, but yet, here we are! Follow @BlackProGen to hear the latest from BlackProGen. Also, be sure to send questions, comments, etc. through the hashtags #BlackProGen and #BlackProGenLIVE


The LowDown by BlackProGen

Since January 2016, I’ve curated a RSS feed that features the content generated by BlackProGen. And by content, I mean everything we’re pushing out individually and collectively. I told you this is a talented group! If you never want to miss anything we publish, be sure to subscribe to The Lowdown by BlackProGen and you’ll get the latest delivered right to your inbox.

Want to know what’s featured? Here’s a sample:

  1. Who is Nicka Smith blog and YouTube Channel – Nicka Smith
  2. African Roots Podcast, Black History Seekers blog, My Ancestor’s Name blog, USCT Chronicle blog, Choctaw Freedmen Legacy blog, and YouTube Channel by Angela Walton-Raji
  3. Research at the National Archives and Beyond radio show by Bernice Bennett
  4. My True Roots blog by True Lewis
  5. Roots Revealed blog by Melvin Collier
  6. Taneya & Kalonji blog by Taneya Koonce
  7. Radiant Roots, Boriqua Branches blog by Teresa Vega
  8. Mississippi Rooted blog by Linda Buggs-Simms
  9. Family Tree Girl blog by Shelley Murphy
  10. Find Your Folks blog by Drusilla Pair
  11. Mariah’s Zepher blog by Vicky Daviss-Mitchell
  12. Into the Light blog by Renate Sanders
  13. Latino Genealogy blog and Babilonia Genealogy blog by Ellen Fernandez-Sacco
  14. My Roots, My Blog by Tasia Cox

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New Name, New Segments, More SHOWS!

In 2017, BlackProGen Google+ Hangouts are officially renamed. We are now BlackProGen LIVE. While the final schedule for 2017 is forthcoming (we’ll be having more than 25 shows next year!!!), we have also created two new segments.

Ask Mariah – Every Episode!

Have a brick wall or research challenge? Want advice on a family history issue? Reach out to us! Submit your questions through this form (or you can Tweet or DM us on Twitter) and we’ll discuss it and chime in with our thoughts live!

AncestryMakers – 4 Times a Year

Ever watch a television show about genealogy and family history and wonder how you can get the same level of research done for your family? Look no further! Announcing AncestryMakers – a unique opportunity where members of the general public will have the chance to get just that! Four times a year, BlackProGen will conduct the full panel of genealogy research for regular folks like you and then present our findings live in front of our audience. The lucky winners will also receive a super special and custom designed take home gift too. So, what are you waiting for! Don’t delay and submit for your chance to be one of the lucky four TODAY!

Can’t you tell how excited I am about next year and it’s just September! LOL I’d love to hear from you about the latest updates. Chime in below 🙂

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